Red Potatoes for Planting


5 LBS + Red Norland potatoes for planting, excellent taste.  A baker’s dozen of these commercial-grade potatoes will yield a lot of potatoes.  The Latin name for the common potato is Solanum tuberosum – It is the cousin of a Sweet Potato but these are normal red potatoes. This variety is an exception for growing in harsh conditions and is a fast grower, that is why we grow this variety here in Saint Johns Country, the Potato capital of Florida.



These are Red Norland potatoes, excellent for late summer/fall planting. I am a local potato grower, these are not certified seed potatoes but rather right from the field.  You could eat these but they are already sprouting from the spring crop.

Chit the potatoes and get 100 lbs potato yield or more.

You get 5 LBS+ potatoes.

They are small but grow big and fast. Harvest in 8 weeks as creamers or 12 weeks for big potatoes.