White Potatoes for Planting


Over 5 lbs White Potatoes pre-spouted fast-growing seed potatoes for Winter/Spring planting that are non-GMO and grow big with high yield.

Seed potatoes for planting for fries and chips




I give you about 5 lbs of white seed potatoes. They are ready to plant.

Unusual variety.

These are the best potatoes for fries, chips, hash browns, and potato pancakes. Also excellent for baked potatoes. Great Flavor a Florida favorite.

You get a lot of potatoes. If you chit them you will have more.

  • Plant now. Florida and Warm Zones, yes, now. Get them in the ground.
  • Up North, you can plant them deeper, and they will emerge in the spring.

They grow fast.  Fifty days to harvest for creamers, or I grow for up to 90 days for more giant potatoes.  I grow potatoes in Spring and Fall in my growing zone; it is super easy and fun.