Sweet Potato Plants for Sale

Welcome to Martian Potatoes

We sell Sweet Potatoes Slips so you can Grow

We are a family-owned small-scale grower of Sweet Potato Starts based on sustainable agriculture and innovative sustainable practices. We are certified and inspected by the Florida Department of Agriculture.

Right now we offer one type of sweet potato plant. If you grow, they will yield scores of healthy & tasty purple sweet potatoes.

I have developed this variety by cross-polarization of various varieties of Sweet Potatoes. Yes, Sweet Potato flowers can produce Sweet Potatoe seeds. So they are not exactly Okinawan, Hawaiian, Murasaki, Charleston, African Violet, Japanese, Stokes, Yams, Dioscorea Alata, Ube, or anything you have ever encountered. I call them Machu Picchu purple or simply Martian Potatoes because in both cases they are transcendent in taste and resilience.

Rather, they are a native Florida deep purple sweet potato, grown and cultivated. They are extremely tolerant of harsh conditions. They seem to grow no matter what.

  • Drought – They go into survival mode until the next rain, then take off faster.
  • Water – We get rains during our rainy season you would think it is the end of the world. They survive hurricanes here. They come out greeners and bigger.
  • Poor Soil – No problem they have adapted to this. In fact, too much N will make them leaf out.
  • Extreme heat – They will grow bigger.
  • Weeds – Not an issue, they will overtake them until all you see is a field of green edible sweet potatoes leaves.
  • Insects – They are a joke to these tubers – I live near a forest and a swamp in the jungle of Florida, I have never ever sprayed them with anything.

I call my variety Martian Potatoes because they are the most resilient potatoes on earth. However, you can call them simply, purple sweet potatoes.

You Get Slips with Roots. Hence your plants get a 3 week head start, important when growing sweet potatoes.

I have customers growing them in Alaska to Vermont to South Florida. They seem to grow anywhere as long as the soil temps are above 65 f or 18 c. I also use organic-based practices, but to keep it simple, just grow them in your native soil and use the resources around you. I have never used any chemicals, zero. I work smart and with nature and I think my yields and quality are superior.

If you want to try to grow them, you will probably succeed even if you have no green thumb whatsoever. I cultivated them this way. I also give you roots rather than just the vines which others do. The roots are strong and will give you a good start.

They are yummy, nutrient-dense, and fun to grow. I would love to see them make it to a Martian Colony.