Martian Tomato Seedlings


You get 10 Martian Tomato Seedlings!

Super resilient.

The University of Florida developed it.

Plant and watch them take off.  The taste is out of this world.



You get 10 Martian Tomato seedlings!

Plant now and cover with plastic on a night with frost.  Better is to start early.

These are non-GMO developed by the University of Florida.

  • Heat and crack resistant for warm climates or summers up North.
  • They can survive the humidity
  • They produce lovely red beefsteak tomatoes.

They are small, but I have been growing them for about 45 days, and you get many of them.

They do not sell this variety in any stores. I will ship not in cups but wrapped, as so many are there.  It will take a week to get resettled.

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