Orange Sweet Potato Slips


10 Sweet Potato Slips for growing Organic high-quality potatoes for your garden and family. These are non-GMO.

There is no comparison between store-bought and homegrown.

Varieties include Beauregued, Covington, Georgia jets, Orleans, and Jewel.  I can try to give you the exact Sweet Potato variety if requested. However, in my orange sweet potato field, I have a mix of these. I basically sell based on general characteristics as many of these orange sweet potatoes are derivatives of each other and it’s fun to have a mix, I feel they even grow better than a moncrop when companions.


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You get 10 Orange Sweet Potato Slips.

Each slip yields many Sweet Potatoes.

Organic Sweet Potatoes


Growing your own is better than Organic Sweet Potatoes – in taste, quality, and freshness.