Purple Yam Bulbils


People grow these deep purple yams as one of the top survival foods. They are easier to grow than potatoes. Rich in Antioxidants.  These are Martian potatoes, as they can survive anything.  I give you two small yam bulbils-like seeds for your yam garden.

Yummy Ube seeds (not really seeds, but this is how Yams are propagated), real purple Yams.

Questions, write to me at mark@martianpotatoes.com I have encyclopedic knowledge about true Yams and Sweet Potatoes.

I know they are expensive, but I have very few in 2024, and all you need is a couple.


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2 Purple Yam Bulbils are also known as Ube. They are about 1 inch each but can grow over 100 lbs and produce all the bulbils you need. I think the record is over 600 lbs.

I have a few growing and this is how I got started.

These are wild-harvested and not part of my nursery stock. Still, I can not sell them if you live in CA, HI, or if your state prohibits them.  Write me if you have questions.

These are the purple variety, rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients.  They are an original superfood. The Spanish brought them here 500 years ago in my town, and they escaped cultivation and are still around today. Ponce De Leon did not find the fountain of youth here, but these come close.

Ube Fries
Ube fries or hash browns