Venus Pepper Seedlings


datil pepper plants

You get 3 Datil Pepper Seedlings!

Super resilient.

Great for grilling.

Great for sauces.

Plant and watch them take off.  The taste is out of this world.



You get 4 Venus Pepper seedlings!

They are Datil peppers with a fruity hot twist.

Venus was the goddess of love, and these peppers will not disappoint. You will see what I mean.

It is the original American hot pepper. Dates estimate it was cultivated from the 1500s with Ponce De Leon to the 1700s, by the Minorcans.

You get real Datil Peppers from Saint Augustine, and I grew it there with 0% chemicals.

They are easy to grow.

These are non-GMO Datils.

  • They can survive anything from Venus to Mars but plant them on Earth.
  • They can take the heat and harsh climates
  • Super resistant to bugs and pests.
  • They make the most out-of-this-world sauces.

They are small, but I have been growing them for about 45 days, and you get many of them.

They do not sell this variety in any stores. I will ship not in cups but wrapped, as so many are there.  It will take a week to get resettled.

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